"Do not let circumstances change you.  You change your circumstances."

- Chan, Jackie.

Karate@Work - The Spirit engagements explore ways in which we perceive the construct of our reality - and how we can have better control over it.  Perception is indeed reality.  Centuries ago, karate masters understood this concept and through painstaking self-discovery came to understand methods they could leverage to control or change it.  The Spirit sessions explore these concepts and work to provide participants with the means to better understand them and thus, themselves.

30 or 45 minute sessions

Individual and team exercises

Exploring topics of self-confidence, motivation and related behaviours

Private sessions available

What you will learn

Understand your opportunity

To address an opportunity, you must first understand it.  Simple exercises will help your team understand and acknowledge their areas of opportunity.  Often, these are self-imposed.

Break through barriers

Visualizing a barrier is often the first step to breaking through it.  Karate uses simple exercises (e.g., breaking boards), to help us visualize challenges and overcome them.  These exercises are fun and very effective!

Tools of the trade

The tools we use and how we use them often reflect our personalities.  Your team will be given an opportunity to safely use traditional weapons of karate to help highlight this. Weapons: Sai (釵) and Tonfa (トンファー).

Common practice karate etiquette

Karate is strongly rooted in Japanese tradition.  Simple gestures like bowing represent a commitment to that tradition.  Every training session starts and ends with ceremony.

Partner exercises

Sometimes, we need someone's input to help us better understand ourselves.  Your team will be given an opportunity to participate in simple partner drills to help build awareness.

What people say about it

Well ... You have been a great help since covid pandemic. My legs were burning for a few days and I did 15 minutes thursday and the rest friday.

Chad J.

I found this channel and I thank you for the workout. Its always easier for me to practice as part of a class than on my own. Much appreciated. See you next weekend.

Dave E.

Jason Pennell

Jason Pennell

For over 30 years, Jason Pennell has been a dedicated student to the arts, travelling and training all over the world. Jason strives to share valuable insights and life lessons to enrich our professional and personal lives.  The journey of career, life and karate are intertwined. To develop an understanding of each is to unlock the potential inside ourselves.