"To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still."

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Karate@Work - The Mind engagements are designed to help strengthen your inner confidence.  These 30-minute exercises can help participants to reset their minds and re-gain focus, allowing them to resume their day stronger than before.  Remember, the body cannot function without the mind; in today's fast-paced world, it is wise to pay particular attention to the health and well being of your mental self.

30-minute engagements.  Perfect for integrating into your busy schedule

Re-gain your mental sharpness

Feel refreshed and ready to take on your next challenge

What you will learn

Meditation & Breathing

Participants will learn the basic principals of meditation.  Then, sit in quiet meditation with a focus on relaxing the mind.

Understanding your body's language

Our bodies often send us important clues about our mental state - that are often ignored.  Participants will be taught how to identify these clues.

Public Speaking & Confidence

Confidence building goes hand-and-hand with mental development.  Participants in the program will learn to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to help them take leadership roles.

Common practice karate etiquette

Karate is strongly rooted in Japanese tradition.  Simple gestures like bowing represent a commitment to that tradition.  Every training session starts and ends with ceremony.

What people say about it...

Joel M.

I've always had problems with speaking in front of crowds.  Even my own family during holidays, etc.  Thanks Jason for helping me to identify where some of my anxiety comes from.  It's gone along way in helping me get over my fears.

Valentina S.

My work started making meditation available to all of our employees.  At first, we were not sure what to make of it - but after a few sessions, I have to say it's really helped improve everyone's mood!  Looking back, I wish more companies could implement something like this.  Thanks Mr.Pennell for teaching us how to meditate effectively!

Jason Pennell

Jason Pennell

For over 30 years, Jason Pennell has been a dedicated student to the arts, travelling and training all over the world. Jason strives to share valuable insights and life lessons to enrich our professional and personal lives.  The journey of career, life and karate are intertwined. To develop an understanding of each is to unlock the potential inside ourselves.