"It is important for everyone to perfect their own Ways."

- Musashi, Miyamoto. "The Earth Scroll." The Book of Five Rings. (circa 1645).

Karate@Work - The Body engagements provide effective karate workout sessions that invite participants to step out of their comfort zone.  Based on traditional techniques and methodologies, these sessions will challange students physically and at the same time, reward them with a sense of accomplishment. Best of all, there are fun!

Virtual or in-person karate workouts. 15, 30 or 45 minutes in length.

Challenging for participants of all levels

Promotes team engagement

What you will learn

Basic karate exercise routines

Karate practitioners use exercises that are rooted in history and tradition.  Some are hunderds of years old!  Participants will learn basic exercises that are fun and effective.

Karate techniques

Kicking and punching techniques require focus and determination.  Participants will learn basic technique that is safe and challanging.  The result is a great workout that feels refreshing!

Partner exercises

Partner exercises represent a cornerstone in traditinal karate training.  Participants will learn basic partner drills that are safe and at the same time promote co-operation and comradery.

Common practice karate etiquette

Karate is strongly rooted in Japanese tradition.  Simple gestures like bowing represent a commitment to that tradition.  Every training session starts and ends with ceremony.

What people are saying

I've been joining in with Jason's 45 Minute Karate Workouts for just under a year now.  Being new to karate, I was happy that Jason explained and demonstrated the moves in a way that made it easy to learn.  The best thing is I've lost 15lbs and kept it off!

Pierre M.
Lorient, France.

Thanks for this! We just experienced yet another snap lockdown in Melbourne, Australia, and have not been able to go to the dojo for 3 weeks now, right before next grading was going to happen. I'm at the beginning of my karate training and not having regular practice obviously has an impact on my learning. I used this video today for my training and found it really enjoyable. Thanks! Subscribed!

Melbourne, Australia.


Seize this opportunity to invest in your team.

Karate, like many traditional martial arts, offers valuable life lessons that have stood the test of time.  Contained within their teachings are hundreds of years of knowledge passed down from generation to generation.  Start your team on its journey to become a better version of itself.  Take advantage of the valuable life lessons that karate has to offer.

In person and virtual sessions available.
We can tailor our offerings to suit your team's needs.  Private sessions also available.