Youth Lessons

Youth Lessons begin for those who are approximately  6yrs old until approximately 11yrs old.  Learn focus, discipline and self respect.  Check our schedule for class times.


Adult Lessons

Challenge yourself and be part of an amazing journey.  Adult training is available for those who are approximately 12yrs of age and older.  Check our schedule for class times.


Okinawan Weapons

Traditional Okinawa Karate includes training with weapons (Kobudō 沖縄古武道).  This aspect of training is challenging and rewarding!  Kobudō is taught in both Youth and Adult classes.


Fun and Fulfilling Seminars

Part of a well rounded Karate education starts with learning from many, qualified sources.  We have an extensive network of fellow Karate practitioners from many parts of the world, who share our love of Okinawan Karate.  Come and learn from some of the most well known and respected teachers in the world. Seminar information can be found on our schedule.

The Freedom to Grow

Sure, Karate is about tradition and Kata, and technique, etc.  But Karate - real Karate, is about being given the freedom to explore and refine both your artistic and athletic skills.  With the proper instruction, and by having an enriching relationship with our teachers and your community of fellow students, you will be given an opportunity to grow and develop your skills; both your Karate and life skills.


Next Steps...

Get a jump start on your Karate training today.  It's never too late to begin your journey.