Ota Sensei visits Oshawa ON, to help spread Karate.

“Karate – an ancient art form born from a distant civilization’s need to defend themselves.”

Okinawa Japan is the birthplace of traditional Karate.  Not the Karate we’re all familiar with from our exposure to North American pop-culture, but rather authentic Karate, taught in much the same fashion as it was taught hundreds of years ago – in small, intimate groups just beyond the probing eyes of the mainstream public.

This was the stage set for a special guest visitor to Oshawa’s Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kubodo Association Oshawa.  Being one of the highest ranking Shorin-Ryu practitioners in the world has its own set of special challenges – namely, how do you teach to a body of students that literally span the globe?  “We have a very special dojo here – something to be proud of.” Echoes Owner and teacher Dan O’Brien who was very proud to host the 74 yr. old Grand Master Eihachi Ota at the Dojo’s 2nd weekend seminar since moving into the Dojo’s new location in November of 2017.  “It’s not every day that you get an authentic, Okinawan master teaching your students. The kids really loved it, not to mention the various ranked adult students and guests!”
Master Ota’s traditional upbringing and Okinawan roots, give him a very unique and holistic approach to training, “Karate is not just about physical technique, it’s mental preparedness in everyday life as well.” said the 10th Dan Hanshi Master Ota, as he spoke to roughly 25 onlookers ranging from 6yrs to 65 yrs.old.

The 2-day seminar offered a wide range of activities from one-on-one fighting, or “sparring”, to exercise drills and Kata practice.  But beyond that, the seminar offered students a unique insight into the humble beginnings of Okinawan Karate.  “We didn’t have beautiful Dojos like this when we started training.” Explained Ota.  “Much of Okinawa was destroyed after the second world war and it took a very long time to rebuild, so we practiced outside.  There were no decks or even lights.  It was difficult to train at night.”

We look forward to a return visit by Sensei Ota again in early 2019!

Everyone is more than welcome!
Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kubodo Association – Oshawa.