A Message from Sensei

With a resume of combined martial arts training totalling 130 years, the three principal Instructors at our Karate dojo led by Sensei Dan O’Brien, still enthusiastically upgrade and maintain our knowledge of our Okinawan art through seminars, and research in order to provide the best and most accurate training for our dojo community and students.  We provide guidance in Okinawan katas and Kobudo, Self Defence, meditation and fitness and can provide a seminar on request.

Sensei Pennell 2018 Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Tournament – Naha Okinawa Japan

As instructors, we have and continue to attend seminars and/or teach throughout the world (Okinawa, Ireland, USA, Canada, Thailand, Tanzania).  

Sensei Christensen 2019 with Sensei Hotton (L) & Langley (R) Florida Winter Keiko

With Sensei Eihachi Ota (Hanshi 10th Dan), the head of our Okinawan Karate style, we have regular contact, training with him at his home dojo in California and hosting him for seminars in Oshawa twice more during the year!

Sensei O’Brien (R) with Sensei Ota (L) Gardena California 2016

Look for us on Facebook and feel free to email, call or stop by and enjoy a trial class!

Sensei Dan O’Brien

Sensei Gary Christensen 

Sensei Jason Pennell